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The Berlin Wall

A Concrete Curtain:
The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall

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Next week the my sixth grade social studies class will be introduced to the Berlin Wall.

Students will be learning the following concepts dealing with the Berlin Wall:
  • Historical events that lead up to the creation of the Berlin Wall.
  • Why the berlin Wall was created.
  • When the Berlin Wall was built.
  • Where Germany is located on a map along with the location that the Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany.
  • The differences between the East Germany and West Germany cultures.
  • Emotional hardships the  Berlin Wall proposed on the people of Germany.
  • Historical events leading to the Fall of the Berlin Wall.When and why the Berlin Wall fell.
  • The emotional rejoyce and celebration that filled Germany as the Berlin Wall Fell.
  • What is left of the Berlin Wall today.


  • Parents are always welcome to join in on any lessons of intrest within our classroom.
  • Parents and families are encouraged to be involved in as much of their childs devlopment and growth as possible.
  • Feel Free to email me anytime with questions commments or any suggestions that would help in your students development of new concepts dealing with the Berlin Wall.
Thanks For your time
have a great week!
Ms Edmunds