NTeQ Lesson Plan

School Funding


Project Title 

School Funding Proposal to Administrative Staff


Our school has been blessed this year with receiving extra funds. Our school facilities are new as well as the large variety of resources already available to students. Students will research and indicate where they feel extra funding should be spent in order to benefit the school and students to their fullest potential. The students need to develop and publish a student perspective on the issue in the form of a proposal letter to the administrative staff. Learning objectives are developed in the areas of core democratic values, communications (oral and written), and research including library as well as Internet research and data collection and processing. This project will take about three weeks. It will address areas in social studies, math, and language arts. Proposal letters will be submitted for review by administrative staff and taken into consideration when deciding where the extra funding should be applied in order to give students best possible educational experience.

In this particular project, students will use the Internet to research the issue, as well as communicate with students in other telecollaborating classrooms about the different types of resources available at their schools. Students are required to telecollaboarte with at least one inner city school and at least one school whom receives higher funding year round. Students will be taught how to use a test generator program to develop a multiple-choice survey with an open ended question or two to give to students in their school and in telecollaborating schools.  To analyze the data from the survey they might use a spreadsheet program or create a chart to graph final survey results. Students will be asked to use inspirations software to then create a concept map while organizing their thought on where they feel the extra funding has greatest potential in benefiting their educational experience.Students will then use word processing to type up draft of the proposal letter and share with the class. After sharing with class and discussion students will begin to write a final proposal and then peer edit, make necessary changes then turn in for teacher to look over, make any necessary corrections and submit to administrative staff. After project is completed, students are to word process a reflection on the process they had to undergo within the project, students are required to reflect on what they learned and enjoyed most about doing the project and what they liked least of all during the process of writing a proposal to the administrative staff.

Grade Level

Elementary School/Fourth Grade Students


Students will be able to:


Identifying and Analyzing Issues
Standard SOC.VI.1

All students will state an issue clearly as a question of public policy trace the origins of the issue, analyze various perspectives people bring to the issue and evaluate possible ways to resolve the issue.

Group Discussion
Standard SOC.VI.2

All students will engage their peers in constructive conversation about matters of public concern by clarifying issues, considering opposing views, applying democratic values, anticipating consequences, and working toward making decisions.

Persuasive Writing
Standard SOC.VI.3

All students will compose coherent written essays that express a position on a public issue and justify the position with reasoned arguments.

Prior Knowledge

Students have worked on the following skills in writing:

Students have successfully performed the following tasks with computers under the guidance of their teacher:

New technology skills students will acquire in this project will include

Computer Functions

Students will incorporate the following computer functions:Search for resources, create test generated survey questions, telecollaborate and exchange communication, organize information, support brainstorming, display information in chart/spreadsheet, support writing process, present results, record their performance within the process of completing the project.

Software Applications

Students will be working with the following types of software:

q       Microsoft Word Processor

q       Microsoft Excel

q       Inspirations

q       Netscape

q       Test Generator Program

Opening Set Activity

Share the problem statement with the students. Divide them into groups to work with during assignment. Get groups started with a KWL example on front board in order for students to understand how they will begin to create a plan to approach the project.

Problem Statement

There are many different areas of interest and importance among young students in our society today. Often the young studentís voice is unable to be heard when dealing with decisions based on gaining a greater educational experience. Our school has been blessed with extra funding this year and students are now going to have the opportunity to research and come up with an idea of where they feel the extra funding should be used in order to give students best possibility to fulfill greatest potential during their educational experience. Many schools around the area are telecollaborating on this activity. Students will be required to discuss issue with minimum of one inner city school and one higher funding school in order to compare facilities and resources among the schools and what ideas are available when deciding best possibility for extra funding to go towards. Students will create a survey to find out from your telecollaborating schools what is available at other schools and what has happened historically. Students will research in order for them to find out what other students, teachers, parents, and people in the community think should be down with extra funding.  Then, students will develop and word process a persuasive student perspective on the issue in the form of a proposal letter to the administrative staff of school in order for idea to be taken into consideration when applying extra school funding.

Analyze Prerequisite Skills

Students need to be familiar with performing the following tasks on the computer:

q       Logging onto Netscape

q       Research web pages

q       Scroll

q       Using Word Processor

Skills Analysis and Teaching

Students will exercise project based learning, by incorporating tasks for systematic approach to learning, which means the class follows along altogether, as well as another way of teaching the lesson in which teacher introduces and then allows students to play with the software and figure out correct way of doing a task. Students will also be exercising their collaborating skills within groups during most tasks of the project. This will help teach and enforce any computer skills some students may be lacking within the project.

(See learning activities for breakdown of how skills will be taught throughout project.)




Students will be given a copy of the problem statement, KWL worksheet to complete and use as guide to apply during research, a list of useful web sites, and a list of schools to use for telecollaboration as a starting point; On first day of project students will brainstorm ideas within their groups, conduct internet research, begin telecollaborating among the different schools. Students will then be given the following resources to use during project; directions on how to create a survey off test generator program, directions on how to create spreadsheet/chart showing collected data, directions on how to create a concept map and example of how produce a persuasive proposal letter. During the project task students will be discussing with their groups and telecollaboring classrooms the different benefits and downfalls of applying extra funding to the different areas of interest among students. Each group will then decide on one idea and begin to create a persuasive proposal letter to administrative staff on where they feel extra funding should be applied within their school in reference to research, data collected and variety of personal values in regards to students gaining best possible educational experience.

(Following list breaks down the way in which, project will be taught during the available three week period.)


Multidimensional Learning Activities

 Activities prior to using computer (day 1)

Activities first day using computers (day 1)

Activities prior to using computer (day 2 & 3)

Activities while using computer (day 4&5)

†††† Class meets in computer lab

Activities prior to using computer (day 6 &7)

Activities while using the computer (day 8):

Activities prior to using computer (day 9 &10):

Activities while using the computer (day 11 &12)

Activities prior to using computer (day 13)

Activities while using the computer (day 14)

Class meets in computer lab

Activities after using the computer (day 15)

Supporting activities

Assessment strategies

Have students submit final proposal letter along with notes, names of web sites used, names of schools used during tellecolaboration, survey created and used during tellecolaborating, data gathered in chart/spreadsheet, completed KWL worksheet, concept map, draft of proposal, and personal reflection of the project. Each student will be given an evaluation worksheet to grade each of their group memberís participation and encouragement along with contributions given during this assignment. Teacher Rubric consists of half project points towards final proposal letter, the other half is divided between reflection of project report, and group evaluation graded feedback worksheets.


Implementing the Plan

Prepare handouts

Technical preparation

Equipment Access
Students will not be asked to or expected to work on this assignment at home. Students will be working in groups during class in order to complete this assignment. Our classroom consists of six PC computers, which makes one computer available for each person in a group during the project. Class will be working in rotation time slots for majority of the project. During the necessary times for entire class to be on computers at same time for instance when introducing new software and writing final proposal class will be held in the computer lab. If any students need additional instruction on computer functions I will make an available time slot to help students on the new technology using class computers. Not all students within class have computers at home therefore if necessary I will be available after class when needed to help instruct students on new computer functions within this project during after school hours or during teacher plan hour.


I will create groups of different levels. During creation of groups I will disperse special needs students with higher level students or whom I know will compliment their learning style and experience, meaning students I know for sure can help to keep my ADHD attentive and involved. I will keep in mind all special needs within class and will disperse groups of balance with their cognitive and behavioral abilities. For students that are not familiar with the technology being used or have a special need that needs to be addressed I will stay close bye them during their rotation time on computers to ensure they are staying on track and not falling behind on their groups responsibilities.