Joell Edmunds
Internet Scavenger Hunt
6th Grade Social Studies
The Berlin Wall

Purpose: SWBAT
Directions: Visit the following web sites. Read the web site and answer the questions relating to that particular web site. Answers to questions should be in put into your own words. They should be complete sentences as well as word proceesed .

Assignment is due on Friday
Late work will result in ten points being deducted from assignment grade.

The begining of the Berlin Wall


1.  When and why was the Berlin Wall built?

2.   How big was the Berlin Wall? (measurements)


(click on facts, click on escape to the west.)

When was the first victim killed on the Berlin Wall? Who was the man?

2.  How many people were hurt or died on the Berlin Wall?

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

1.  When and why did the Berlin Wall fall?

2.  What is left of the Berlin Wall?