Publications of Walter G. Moss in Print and/ or on the Web since 1999

(with links to them or information about them)


1.      Books 


In the Face of Fear: On Laughing All the Way Toward Wisdom. Wood Lake Publishing, 2019.  


An Age of Progress? Clashing Twentieth-Century Global Forces. Anthem Press, 2008.


Podcast Interview about it on New Books in History website

Review of it on the Wisdom Page website

Excerpt from Chapter 1 on violence

Excerpt from Chapter 9 on wisdom, prudence, and morality in the twentieth century


A History of Russia. 2d ed. 2 vols. Anthem Press, 2003-2005 (See also my Russian Limericks)


Vol. 1 (2003)                                                                  

Vol. 2 (2005) (earlier edition available in Chinese)


The Twentieth Century and Beyond: A Global History (co-author with Goff, Terry, Upshur, & Schroeder), 7th ed. McGraw-Hill, 2007.


The Twentieth Century: Readings in Global History (co-author with Terry& Upshur), McGraw-Hill, 1999.

Russia in the Age of Alexander II, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, Anthem Press, 2002 (or online edition).


“Wisdom from Russia in the Thinking of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton,” in Solzhenitsyn and American Culture: The Russian Soul in the West, ed. David P. Deavel and Jessica Hooten Wilson (University of Notre Dame Press, 2020), pp. 322-41.


“The Passion and Imagination for Peace ,” in Business, Ethics and Peace (Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development, Volume 24), ed. LukBouckaert and Manas Chatterji (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2015), pp.45 – 62.


“Schumacher’s Wisdom-Centered Economics,” in Responsible Economics: E.F.Schumacher and his Legacy for the 21st Century, ed. Hendrik Opdebeeck (Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2013).



2.      Online Reviews in The Moscow Times, 2005-2012*


 “Looking Both Ways” (Review of Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar by Edvard

Radzinsky), MT (2005)

“Enemy of the State” (Review of Mark Leier's book on Mikhail Bakunin), MT (2006)

“Becoming Stalin” (Review of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Young Stalin), MT (2007)

“Follow the Leader” (Review of Catriona Kelly's Children's World: Growing Up in Russia, 1890-1991), MT (2008)

“A Host of Russian Films Now Available on Web” (6/13/2012), abridged from longer essay below on Hollywood Progressive site.



3. Reviews in Michigan War Studies Review (MWSR) and Other War, Violence, and Peace Writings, 2008-2021


On Leo Tolstoy's Sevastopol Stories, MWSR (7/2/08)

Review of Leningrad: State of Siege, MWSR (3/3/09)

Review of From Stalingrad to Pillau, MWSR (2/3/10)

Review of The Shadow of War: Russia and the USSR, 1941 to the Present, MWSR (12/1/10)

Review of Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan, 1979-89, MWSR (11/9/11)

Review of Kiev 1941: Hitler's Battle for Supremacy in the East, MWSR (6/27/12)

Review of The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939–1941, MWSR (5/11/15)

Review of The  Great and Holy War: How World War I Became a Religious Crusade, MWSR (12/16/2015)

Review of Violence All Around, MWSR (1/22/2016)

Review of A Sense of the Enemy: The High Stakes History of Reading Your Rival's Mind, MWSR (2/17/2016)

Review of The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James's, 1932–1943MWSR (6/8 2016)

Review of Why Leaders Fight, MWSR (8/12/2016)

Review of America's War for the Greater Middle East: A Military HistoryMWSR (2/10/2017)

Review of Near Abroad: Putin,the West, and the Contest over Ukraine and theCaucasus, MWSR (9/6/2017)

 “Pvt Benjamin R. Moss, Co G”  (1/13/2013) (an account with major research assistance by Roger Moss of our great grandfather’s Civil War service); “A Civil War Private’s Odyssey through Battles, Illnesses, and Military Justice” (an alternate version of above biographical work with citations).

Review of The 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry:  The Groundhog Regiment (1/20/2013) (review of book about our great grandfather’s Civil War regiment). 

“The Elusiveness of Peace” (A Review of John Gittings. The Glorious Art of Peace: From the Iliad to Iraq (2012) & Donald Bloxham and Robert Gerwarth, eds. Political Violence in Twentieth-Century Europe (2011). History: Reviews of New Books, 41, no. 3 (2013), 75-78, (portion of review, here).  


From Section 1 above, see also Excerpt from Chapter 1 in my Age of Progress? and “The Passion and Imagination for Peace.”


From Section 4 below, see also “Civilityand Political Discourse after the Tucson Shooting,” “Dorothy Day, Pacifism, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki,” “Wisdom and War: From Homer's Trojan Horse to Spielberg's War Horse,” “From 1900 to the Boston Marathon: Reflections on Killing,” “Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part I,” and “Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part II,” “The Folly of War: Europe 1914, Ukraine 2014,” “Where Is the Passion for Peace?” “2 Things We Should Stop Doing If We Want to Avoid War with Russia,”  “Two Texans in Iraq: An American Sniper and Billy Lynn,” “Another U.S. Mass Shooting: Why Do They Keep Going On?” “Churchill’s Lesson: We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of an Alliance with Russia  Against ISIS,” “Review of T.C. Boyle’s  The Harder They Come  and Violent America,” “What Does Netflix's ‘War Machine’ Tell Us?” “The Film Frantz, Some Poems and Books, and the War That Should Have Never Been,”  “War and Religion in Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying,”  “Why the Wartime TV Series ‘A French Village’ Is Important,” A Memorial Day Lament for Capt. Wilfred Owen, Sgt. Joyce Kilmer, and the Needless Dead of Foolish Wars," "The Film Clemency, Capital Punishment, Pope Francis, and Trump," and "White Terrorism: From Post-Civil-War Lynchings to the Present."




4. Originally on the History News Network (HNN) and/or LA Progressive (LAP) and/or Hollywood Progressive (HP)**


On passion, politics, intolerance, and history (6/16/08)

“Obama, McCain, Bush, Age, Experience, and Wisdom” (8/25/08)

“Obama, Sandburg and Lincoln” (2/2/09)****

“Do the Humanities Matter in Hard Times?” (3/30/09)

“Is Obama Too Cerebral?” (9/7/09)

“Fuzzy Thinking: Obama, Capitalism, and Socialism” (10/5/09)

“Is Health Care a Human Right?” (11/09/09)

“Obama, Copenhagen, and the Global Warming Skeptics” (12/06/09)

“Health Care Reform and Liberal Values” (3/29/10)

“From an Economy of Consumption to an Economy of Sustainability” (4/21/10)

“Reflections on President Obama's University of Michigan Commencement Speech” (5/17/10)

“BP, Corporations, Capitalism, Progressivism, and Government” (5/24/10)

“The Recent Press and E. F. Schumacher’s Warnings” (5/28/10)

“From Las Vegas to Yosemite: Reflections on American Culture” (10/13/10)

“The Party of No and the New START Treaty” (11/22/10)

“Anton Chekhov: A Man for Our Times” (11/29/10) abridged and reprinted as “Anton Chekhov's Compassion for Daily Struggles,” in Compassion Journal (9/17/13)

W. H. Auden, Humor, and the Politics of Today” (12/20/10)

“Civilityand Political Discourse after the Tucson Shooting” (1/10/11)

“Progressivism and a Tea-Party Approach to State Government”(2/14/11)

“Reflections on The Last Station [film] and Tolstoy” (3/21/11)

“E. F. Schumacher, Jerry Brown, Japan, Bees, and Wisdom” (4/2/11)

“Why Literature Matters: A Historical Perspective” (4/11/11)

“Boehner, Day, and Obama: Contrasting Christian Approaches to Society and Politics” (5/19/11)

“Dorothy Day, Radicalism, and Present-Day Politics” (10/5/11)

“Gorbachev and Obama” (10/10/11)

“Is Consumer Capitalism Outdated?”  (10/16/11)

Hurry to See Borgen: A Ten-Part Series Political Drama” (11/6/11)

 “Why Does the 99 Percent Let Athletes, Executives, and Movie Stars Get Away with Huge Salaries?” (12/5/11)

“What Speaker Boehner Should Have Told House Republicans about Compromise—A Year Ago” (12/22/11)

 “Why Leftists Should Support Obama’s Reelection” (1/5/12)

“Carl Sandburg, Hollywood, Media, and Marilyn Monroe” (1/13/12)

“Keynes and Hayek, Obama and the Republicans” (1/23/12)

“Reflections on Literature: Marge Piercy’s Gone to Soldiers” (2/2/12)

“Santorum, Gingrich, U. S. Bishops, Catholic Women, and Birth Control” (2/19/12)

“What is True Political Wisdom? A Primer for the 2012 Election”  (3/5/12)

“Does Barack Obama Have True Political Wisdom?”  (3/12/12)

“Can Capitalist Cultures Become More Humane?” (3/16/12)

Russian Films on YouTube: From Eisenstein’s Masterpieces to the Present (3/28/12)***

 “Russia and the West in the Films of Karen Shakhnazarov, 1984-2009” (4/16/12)

“Russia's Post-Stalinist Master of Film Comedy Eldar Ryazanov” (5/7/12)

Wisdom in Edith Pearlman’s Binocular Vision (5/21/12)

“E. F. Schumacher: The Perils of Productivity” (5/28/12)

Nationalism, Heroism, and ‘Manliness’ in the Russian Films of Alexei Balabanov (6/5/12)

“Racism, Wheeling, and a Small-Town Newspaper, 1968 and 2008” (6/12/2012)

“Wisdom and War: From Homer's Trojan Horse to Spielberg's War Horse” (6/25/2012)

“Blessed Are the Poor, But Not in America: Reflections on Peter Edelman’s So Rich, So Poor (6/29/2012)

Religion and Life: A Personal and Public Essay (7/1/2012)

Advertising, Our National Values, and Truth and Beauty (7/5/2012)

Mitt Romney's Soliloquy” (7/16/2012)

“Mark Twain's Progressive and Prophetic Political Humor” (7/28/2012)

“Cornel West and Barack Obama: Prophet and President” (8/6/2012)

“Dorothy Day, Pacifism, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki” (8/8/2012)

“The Humanism of Mario Vargas Llosa’sThe Dream of the Celt (8/13/2012)

“The 2012 Election: Freedom, Justice, Fairness, and Opportunity” (8/20/2012)

“Hurry to See Season 2 of Borgen (9/2/2012)

“2012 Politics and William James” (9/3/2012)

American Masters: The Day Carl Sandburg Died (9/25/2012)

“Ideology and Pragmatism: The Republicans and Obama” (10/19/2012)

“The President We Now Need” (11/8/2012)

 “From the Dust Bowl to Hurricane Sandy” (11/23/2012), aka “Lessons from the Dust Bowl”

“Lincoln, Spielberg, Sandburg, Kennedy, and Compromise” (12/24/2012)

 “Progressive TV Journalism: Moyers& Company, Media, and Vietnam” (2/11/2013)

“Promenading at Deerfield Beach” (poem), (2/23/2013)

“Testing the New Pope'sCommitment to Poverty” (3/18/2013)

“Interracial Love in Alice Childress’s Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black and White” (4/8/2013)

“Our Dysfunctional Economics and Politics: Reflections on Joseph Stiglitz’s The Price of Inequality (4/17/2013)

“The Senate's Shameful Lack of Courage on Guns” (4/18/2013)

“From 1900 to the Boston Marathon: Reflections on Killing” (4/25/2013)

“More Money But a Sicker Planet?” (5/7/2013)

“Progressivism” (5/18/2013). Reposted as “What Is Progressivism?” (11/20/2013)

“How to Cope with Information Overload” (6/3/2013)

“The Greatness of Les Misérablesand Anna Karenina: The Books Not the Films” (6/5/2013)

“Have Congressional Republicans No Shame?” (8/4/2013)

“Right-Wing Truth-Trampling” (8/14/2013)

Amour: A Different Kind of Love Story” (8/23/2013)

“Are You Smarter than Your Smartphone?” (9/15/2013)

“The Power of Books: The Case of Dorothy Day” (9/19/2013)

“Obesity, Exercise, Beauty, and the Good Life” (9/22/2013)

“Practical Wisdom, According to Messrs. Franklin and Emerson” (9/30/2013)

“Ethnic Diversity, Identity, and the Films of Mira Nair” (10/3/2013)

“PBS’s The Paradise and Mr. Selfridge and the Birth of a Consumer Culture” (10/10/2013)

“Bill Moyers and Wendell Berry” (10/12/2013)

(co-author with Thomas Moss) “Congress Needs to Act to Reduce Mandatory Minimum Sentencing”  (10/12/2013)

“Help Reduce Mandatory Minimum Sentencing” (10/19/2013)

“The 1960s, the Thatcher/Reagan Era, and Today’s Political Divide” (10/22/2013)

“Wendell Berry’s Reflections on Racism” (10/28/2013)

“Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Men, Women, War, and Love” (11/1/2013)

“True Patriotism: Veterans Day Reflections” (11/11/2013)

“Love and Politics: Reflections on Political Emotions (11/19/2013)

“Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part I, The Late 1960s” (11/25/2013)

“Wendell Berry’s Pacifism: Part II, 1970-2013” (12/2/2013)

“What Is Progress and Are We Progressing?” (12/9/2013)

“Pope Francis's Christian Capitalist Criticism” (12/16/2013)

“California: Arriving, Leaving, Moving, and Staying” (12/18/2013)

“Leo Tolstoy and Wendell Berry: Pacifists and Critics of Modern Life” (12/26/2013)

“A Progressive American Culture Is What We Need” (1/1/2014)

“Capitalism Versus Democracy” (1/3/2014)

“Wendell Berry on Women and Feminism” (1/13/2014)

“Environmental Payback and The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (1/17/2014)

“What We Got Here Is a Failure to Imagine: The Economy and Environment, History and Happiness, Peace and Politics” (1/29/2014)

“An Appreciation of Alice Munro, 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Recipient” (2/14/2014)

“Love in Films, Fiction, and Life” (3/4/2014)

“The Polish Rebellion of 1863-64 and Crimea in 2014” (aka “Forget 1991 . . .”) (3/5/2014)

“The Art of Politics: Arizona, Big Miracle, and Atheists” (3/7/2014)

"Environmentalism and Why I’m a Vegetarian (almost)" (3/9/2014)

“Professors and Politics a la Wendell Berry” (3/14/2014)

“Crimea and the Dark Side of Self-Determination” (3/18/2014)

“Duke Energy, Cigarettes, Pollution, Profits, and Philanthropy” (3/24/2014)

“The Wondrous World of Wendell Berry’s Fiction” (4/10/2014)

“The Folly of War: Europe 1914, Ukraine 2014” (4/13/2014)

“Global Warming, Waste, and Greed: The Insights of Wendell Berry and E. F. Schumacher”  (4/17/2014)

“Why the Right Is Not Always Wrong” (4/25/ 2014)

“The 20 Things You Need to Know to Understand What’s Happening in Ukraine” (4/28/ 2014)

“Are We Starting Another Cold War over Russian Actions in Ukraine?” (5/4/ 2014)

“Whose Advice Should You Trust on Ukraine?” (5/11/ 2014)

“Review of Angela Stent’s ‘The Limits of Partnership: U.S.-Russian Relations in the Twenty-first Century’” (5/18/ 2014)

“Politics and Humor: Reflections on Robert Gates’s Duty (5/23/2014)

“What’s Next? The Ukrainian Crisis 2.0” (5/28/2014)

“Reflections on Love and a Long Marriage” (5/29/2014)

 “Should We Pay Attention to Experts Anymore?” (6/8/2014), aka “Bloggers, Citizens, Opinions, Expertise, and Afghanistan”

“Our Stale, Unimaginative, and Wrong-Headed Approach to Russia Has Finally Caught Up with Us” (6/15/2014), aka “How We Got It Wrong with Russia”

“Aging: Myths, Reality, and Nonsense” (6/18/2014)

“This Is What a New US-Russia Relationship Could Look Like” (6/22/2014)

Two Films to Make You Think: Disconnect and Her  (6/29/2014)

What the Present Chaos in Iraq Should Teach Us: It's Time for a New U.S. Foreign Policy” (7/6/2014)

“Three Lessons We Need to Heed from the Soviet Downing of KAL 007”; aka “Learning from the Past: KAL 007 and Malaysia Airlines 17” (7/19/2014)

“Where Is the Passion for Peace?” (7/27/2014)

“The Poet, the President, and the Preservationist: Robert Burns, Abraham Lincoln, and John Muir” (8/24/2014)

“Review of David Bromwich’s ‘Moral Imagination’” (8/25/2014)

“2 Things We Should Stop Doing If We Want to Avoid War with Russia”; aka “Name-Calling and Misapplying History: Putin and Ukraine” (9/10/2014)

“iPhone 6, American Values, Beauty, and Our Environmental Crisis” (9/21/2014)

“Reflections on Mary Gordon’s The Liar’s Wife” (9/28/2014)

“A Royal Affair: A Good Film and Good History” (10/5/2014)

Review of Edmund Fawcett’s “Liberalism: The Life of an Idea” (10/17/2014)

“A Plea to My Fellow White American Males” (11/23/2014)

“What I Owe to Poetry” (11/29/2014)

“Obama Should Model His Ukraine Policy on the Work of These Three Leaders” (12/7/2014)

“Alzheimer’s, Love, Literature, and Reality” (12/18/2014)

“Post-Holiday Blahs, New-Year’s Resolutions, and W. H. Auden’s ‘Christmas Oratorio'” (12/31/2014)

Senator Inhofe and the Global Warming Deniers” (1/11/2015)

 “Life Itself: A Wonderful Documentary about Film Critic Roger Ebert” (1/15/2015)

“Satire, Tolerance, Humility, Terrorism, Islam—And Charlie Hebdo”  (1/25/2015)

“Is Pope Francis Too Political?”  (2/10/2015)

“Seven Reasons We Should Not Send Weapons to Ukraine” (2/23/2015)

“Right Versus Left: Culture Wars, Past and Present” (3/22/2015)

Whiplash, Foxcatcher, Skewed Values, and Being a Winner”  (3/24/2015)

“Vladimir Putin: History Man?” (4/12/2015)

“Cinema and Gay Rights: Reflections on Imitation Game, Love Is Strange, and Pride” (4/28/2015)

“Is Vladimir Putin an Ideologue, Idealist, or Opportunist?” (5/3/2015)

“Sorry Kids: We Were Too Stupid to Deal with Global Warming” (5/5/2015)

“Why Learning from History Means Saying No to Rigid Ideologies” (5/19/2015)

“History, Fiction, and Film” (aka “We’ve Never Had More Ways to Discover History”) (5/30/2015)

What Does the Film Leviathan Tell Us about Putin’s Russia and Its Past?” (6/16/2015)

“The Radical and Deep Insights of Pope Francis’s Environmental Encyclical” (7/12/2015)

“The Perfect Son, a Novel of Love and Growth” (7/22/2015)

“Two Texans in Iraq: An American Sniper and Billy Lynn” (8/14/2015)

“We Need to Come to Terms with the Russian People’s Support Today of both Stalin and Putin”; aka “Stalin Then, Putin Now” (8/15/2015)

Show Me a Hero and the Tragedy of Egoism” (9/4/2015)

“Barack Obama, Whatever His Faults, Shouldn't Be Criticized for Showing Empathy toward Iran” (9/6/2015)

“Seeking the Common Good: Pope Francis’s Address to Congress” (9/24/2015)

“The Dardenne Brothers’ Films and Our Moral Want” (9/30/2015)

Another U.S. Mass Shooting: Why Do They Keep Going On?”(10/2/2015)

Gun Control, Global Warming, and Gridlock: Obama’s Pragmatism Versus Republican Obstructionism (10/8/ 2015)

What’s Education For? Reflections on David Brooks’ ‘Schools for Wisdom’” (10/17/ 2015)

Historic Nightmare or the Loss of a Football Game—A Little Perspective Please” (10/18/ 2015)

The Surprising Consensus on What the Experts Say about Putin” (10/20/ 2015)

Global Warming and Eating Meat: Reflections on Cowspiracy” (10/22/ 2015)

Review of Anthony Marra’sThe Tsar of Love and Techno”  (11/9/2015)

“The Error Historians Are Forever Correcting” (11/15/2015)

Putin vs. Obama: ‘Macho Man’ vs. ‘Girly Boy’?” (11/29/2015)

“Churchill’s Lesson: We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of an Alliance with Russia Against ISIS” (12/13/2015)

“Review of T.C. Boyle’s The Harder They Come and Violent America” (12/31/2015)

“This Is What’s Needed to Win the Climate-Change Struggle” (1/3/2016)

“Who Am I to Judge? Political Opinions, Right and Left” (1/14/2016)

“Historians Need to Write and Teach with Empathy” (1/17/2016)

“Review of Ludmila Ulitskaya’sThe Big Green Tent (1/22/2016)

“Alzheimer’s as Depicted in the Novel We Are Not Ourselves” (2/6/2016)

“Why Do We Lead Such Frenzied Lives?” (2/21/2016)

“Robert Fuller’s Writings: Part I, The Rowan Tree” (2/26/2016)

“Robert Fuller’s Writings: Part II, His Non-Fiction” (3/5/2016)

“Why I Miss the Kennedys” (3/10/2016)

“What’s It All About? Reflections on Trump, Confusion, and Love”


“How Bernie Sanders Is Like Carl Sandburg—And Why that’s Worth Remembering” aka “An American Who Went From Socialist to Democrat Before Bernie Sanders” (4/17/2016),

"What Does History Tell Us about Capitalism, Socialism, and Progressivism? (4/24/2016), aka "What Do Democratic Socialists Like Bernie Sanders Believe?"

“Bernie Sanders Wants a ‘Moral Economy.’ What’s That and Why’s It Relevant—Even If He Loses the Democratic Nomination?” (4/27/2016)

“Sanders Is No Demagogue” (5/1/2016)

“The Humble Mr. Trump in His Own Words”   (5/11/2016)

“Sanders’ Potential Foreign Policy: An Ignored Strength?” (5/13/2016)

“The Main Problem with Donald Trump: He's a Fool” (5/29/ 2016)

 “A Trump Presidency Would Amount to an Environmental Nightmare,” aka “War, Oil, Our Consumer Culture, and Donald Trump” (6/19/2016)

“Some Thoughts on the Film Trumbo” (6/23/2016)

“Review of Aileen Kelly’s The Discovery of Chance: The Life and Thought of Alexander Herzen,” aka “The Terrible Power over Human Lives of Ideological Abstractions.” (6/27/2016)

"Our Week from Hell," aka “Race and Guns, April 1968 and July 2016” (7/14/16)

"Aleppo: Where Is Gandhi When We Need Him?" (8/23/2016)

“Are We Going to Repeat the Tragic Folly of Our Ancestors?” (8/27/2016)

(co-author with Rick Shenkman) “Conversation: Are Historians Hedgehogs or Foxes?” (9/11/2016)

Review of Arkady Ostrovsky’sThe Invention of Russia: From Gorbachev’s Freedom to Putin’s War (9/14/16)

“If You Want a Future with Fewer Floods, Fires, and Other Environmental Disasters, Vote Democratic,” aka “Trump = Environmental Suicide”   (9/25/16)

“Love in Brooklyn and The Danish Girl (9/27/16)

“Bob Dylan, Carl Sandburg, and American Visions” (10/30/2016)

“We Need Progressive Heroes, Especially Now” (11/10/2016)

“In the 1930s Many Ignored Hitler. Now, It's Global Warming” (11/27/2016)

"Trump's Not Hitler, But Their Voters Display Some Similarities"(12/4/2016)

“Can Progressives Compromise With President Trump And His Followers?”(12/8/2016)

“A Lesson from the Nazi Era Is that We Must Be Wary” (12/11/2016)

“Trumpism and the Ugly Side of American Life” (12/13/2016)

“Review of Ludmila Ulitskaya’sThe Kukotsky Enigma” (12/26/2016)

“From Start to Finish Obama Was Always Consistent” (1/22/17)

“Why Did the Democrats Fail and Where Do We Go From Here?”  (2/26/2017)

“Michael Moore, Not Donald Trump, Suggests How to Make America Great” (3/ 12/2017)

“Donald Trump and “The Braindead Megaphone”  (3/ 16/2017)

“Trump V. Kennedy” (3/26/2017)

“What Trump, Le Pen and Putin Are Selling” (4/2/2017)

“George Saunders’s Political Wisdom, Illegal Immigrants, and Trump” (5/7/2017)

“Putin's Not Making It Easy, but We Need to Understand How He Views NATO and the US” (5/14/2017)

“Manchester by the Sea and Russia’s Great Writers” (5/15/2017)

“From Columbus to Trump: What Has America Gotten Wrong?”  (6/11/17)

“What Does Netflix's ‘War Machine’ Tell Us?” (6/22/17)

“Education Should Deliver Us from Racism and Trumpism” (7/12/17)

“Values, Trump, a Movie, and a Play”  (7/16/2017)   

Both Republicans and Democrats Used to Believe in Compromise” (8/6/2017)   

“What Does Trump’s Election Say about American Culture and Values?” ( 8/27/2017 )

“We Traded in One of the Most Self-Disciplined Presidents for the Most Undisciplined President”  (9/24/2017)

“The Film Frantz, Some Poems and Books, and the War That Should Have Never Been”  (9/25/2017)

“Review of Trump Revealed: The Definitive Biography of the 45th President by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher” (10/19/2017)

“Trump’s Worst Sin” (11/7/2017)

“Trump, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Ageism” (11/18/2017)

Fences: The Best Filmed Play since Death of a Salesman?”  (12/1/2017)

“Humor in Crime Fiction and Films: A Review of Funny Thing about Murder”  (12/10/2017)

“Where Are the Truth-seekers?” (12/24/2017)

“Why Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy Are More Relevant Now than They Have Been in Years” (1/12/2018)

"Does Trump’s Religion Matter?" (1/21/2018)

“Review of Robert Dallek’s Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life" (1/22/2018)

“The Unknown Girl and The Son of Joseph: Two Recent Films (on Netflix) with a Moral Core” (2/12/2018)

“Women and Family in Three Foreign Films (on Netflix): My Happy Family, Graduation, and The Women’s Balcony” (2/24/2018)

“We’re All Human: A Review of Netflix’s Seven Seconds” (3/14/2018)

“The Crassness and Anti-Intellectualism of President Donald Trump”  (3/18/2018), aka “This is the sad truth about the crass anti-intellectualism of President Donald Trump”

“Brad’s Status: Reflections on How We Live Our Lives” (3/22/2018)

“For Whom Should Historians Write and How?” (4/1/2018)

Review of Steven Pinker’sEnlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress (4/10/2018)

“Can People on the Left and the Right Still Talk?”(4/29/2018)

“War and Religion in Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying”  (5/6/2018)

Review of “Russians on Trump: Press Coverage and Commentary” (5/14/2018)

“Unlike Obama, Trump Has No Moral Compass” (6/10/2018)

“Netflix 's Imperial Dreams and Empathy” (6/24/2018)

“Pope Francis vs. Scott Pruitt” (6/25/2018)

“The Greatness of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels”  (7/12/2018)

“Why Trump's Crassness Matters”  (7/22/2018)

“Why the Wartime TV Series ‘A French Village’ Is Important” (7/29/2018) 

“Trump’s Lies vs. Truth’s Defense” (8/29/2018)

“Are We at a 1932-Like Juncture?” (9/15/2018)

“Reflections on the Film The Soloist and Its L.A. Setting”  (9/20/2018)

Is Donald Trump’s Problem that He Can’t Laugh?” aka “Unlike Lincoln, Trump Can’t Laugh at Himself” (9/30/2018)

“Which Presidents – If Any – Did Right by Native Americans?” aka “Does Our Ranking of Presidents Sufficiently Reflect Their Native American Policies?” (10/7/2018)

“After Reading the Newest Climate Report this Is What You Should Do,” aka “What the Newest Climate Report Signals”—Vote Democratic!” (10/11/2018)

“6 Disturbing Parallels Between Stalin and Trump” (10/28/2018)

 ”Why and How Trump Flunks the Presidential Leadership Test” (11/11/2018)

”What Do the Democrats Need in 2020?” aka For 2020 the Democrats Need a Progressive Unifier like FDR” (11/25/2018)

“Why the “Romanoffs” Is Worth Viewing” (12/3/2018)

“An Environmental Cry of Alarm: Paul Schrader’s ‘First Reformed’” (12/ 10/2018)

“The Humanism, Progressivism, and Beauty of Netflix’s ‘Springsteen on Broadway’” (12/26/2018)

“Why Conservatives Are Right to Stress Moral Education,  aka"Why Conservatives Stress All the Wrong Things” (12/30/2018)

“7 Lessons Martin Luther King Can Teach Us Today” (1/19/2019)

“The Opioid Crisis and the Need for Progressivism” (1/26/2019)

“What Do the Russians Think About Trump, Putin, and America?” (1/27/2019)

Why Our World Seems Out of Control” (2/10/2019)revised version here.

“Netflix’s 12-Part The Road to Calvary” (2/23/2019)

“The Many Joys of Writing History” (2/24/2019)

“Alzheimer’s and the Film What They Had” (2/26/2019)  

“The Most Alarming Argument in Jill Lepore's These Truths” (3/10/2019)

“The Film Apostasy and Religious Dogmatism” (3/14/2019)

“Political Leadership and the Need for a New American Story” (3/24/2019)

“Can Bernie Sanders Exemplify the American Dream?” (3/30/2019)

“Why Democratic Presidential Candidates Should Make Climate Change Their #1 Issue” (4/12/2019)

“Is the Western World Declining and Russia Rising?” (4/14/2019)

“Why at Least One Progressive Likes David Brooks” (4/19/2019)

“The Humanism of Ken Loach’s Film I, Daniel Blake” (5/3/2019)

“Capitalism? Socialism? How about Just a Fair and Moral Economy?” (5/5/2019)

Anton Chekhov: Environmental Prophet for Our Planet” (5/19/2019)

“The Fall of Communism in TV’s The Weissensee Saga” (5/23/2019)

“Donald Trump, the Humanities, and the Decline of American Values” (6/2/2019)

“How to Select a Democrat to Beat Trump in 2020” (6/10/2019)

"Are Historians Doing Enough to Address Climate Change?” (6/16/2019) 

“The Case for Religious Progressivism” (6/30/2019)

“HBO’s Chernobyl and the Rendering of History” (7/14/2019)

What We Need to Hear from Bernie Sanders” (7/15/2019)

Do We Want the America of Frederick Douglass or Donald Trump?” (7/21/2019)

We Need a Unifier in 2020" (8/11/2019)

“Why Values Matter: Obama’s Empathy Versus Trump’s Egoism” (8/17/2019)

“The ‘Trump Economy’: Throwing the Grandkids under the Bus” (8/25/2019)

"Trump's Wall and the Aggrandizement of Despots" (9/8/2019)

Does Our Climate Crisis Make the 2020 Election Our Most Crucial Ever?(9/22/2019)

"A Tough Progressive Balancing Act: Passion, Tolerance, and Compromise" (9/28/2019)

Is Trump’s Claim of “Great and Unmatched Wisdom” a Joke? (10/10/2019)

"A Simone Biles Ballad for Trumpian Times" (10/13/2019)

Can a 1960s-like Counterculture Emerge? (10/20/2019)

"As The Trump Administration Demonstrates, We Have Undervalued Virtues And Values" (11/3/2019)

Veterans Day Reflections on Pseudo Patriotism and Half-Baked History” (11/10/2019)

"A Review of Amazon Prime’s Series Dostoevsky" (12/1/2019)

"Omens of the Trumpian Nightmare in Literature, Film, and Song" (12/18/2019)

"What Carl Sandburg and Wendell Berry Can Teach Us about Relating to Trump Voters" (12/22/2019)

"Why Netflix’s The Two Popes Is Important(12/28/2019)

“Old Aging as a Heroic Quest”  (1/1/2020)

"Capitalism Versus Socialism. Did Capitalism Really Win?"(1/5/2020)

What Australia’s Fires Should Teach the USA: Be Alarmist! (1/9/2020)

"Reflections on Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North" (1/19/ 2020)

"The Pioneers: Heroic Settlers or Indian Killers?" (2/2/2020) 

"Why Trump Is Different than Reagan, Either Bush, Dole, McCain, or Romney—He’s Evil" (2/16/2020)

What Mussolini and Hitler's Rise to Power Can Teach Us about Opposing Trump: Unite, Unite! (3/1/2020) 

How Then Should We Live? Some Literary, Stage, and Screen Answers  (3/4/2020)

Once Again the Man with No Class (President Trump) Displays He Is Crass” (3/6/2020)

"Do We Want the Progressive Sanders or the Pragmatist Biden?"aka "Progressive Sanders or Pragmatist Biden?" (3/15/2020)

Conservative Critics of Trump’s Coronavirus Conduct (3/30/2020)

New Deal or Nazism? Historical Comparisons to Trump's Performance as a Leader in Crisis (4/5/2020)

Dogmatists of the Left? (4/6/2020)

“Minorities, Native Peoples, the Poor, and Infectious Diseases from Columbus to Coronavirus, aka “From Columbus to Coronavirus, Marginalized People Hit Hardest” (4/26, 2020)

Did Donald Disinfectant Trump Finally Go to Far? (4/28/2020)

"Lets Be Inspired by True Past Leadership" (5/6/2020)

Two Studies in Folly a Century Apart: General Douglas Haig and President Donald Trump (5/09/2020)

What Happened to My Future: The Pivotal Years of 1914, 1929, and 2020  (5/17/2020)

A Memorial Day Lament for Capt. Wilfred Owen, Sgt. Joyce Kilmer, and the Needless Dead of Foolish Wars" (5/24/2020)

Six Reasons Besides Racism Americans Voted For Trump (6/07/2020)

“Conservative Pundits Continue to Pummel Trump” (6/07/2020)

Our Country Is Crying Out for Leadership (6/21/2020)

In This Election Year We Historians Need to Insist on Truth-telling


Trump’s Russian Policy: Stupidity or Treason? (7/2/2020)

Will Capitalist Consumer Culture Absorb Another Generation of Protest? (7/3/2020)

“You Think You Have It Tough?Be Glad You Didn’t Live through Leningrad’s 900-Day Siege“ (7/16/2020)

“Can Martin Luther King’s  Kindle a New Progressivism?”(7/26/2020)

“Five Strictly Professional Reasons Why Historians Dislike Donald Trump” (8/9/2020)

"The American Dream: Trump’s vs the MLK\ John Lewis Version" (8/23/2020)

"U S. Individualism Spikes Up Coronavirus Cases," aka “Why So Many Americans Won’t Wear Masks” (8/30/2020)

“Three Seasons of Danish Political Drama Borgen Now on Netflix”  (9/16/2020)

“Unlike the Germans We Have Failed to Recognize and Atone for Our Holocausts” (9/20/2020)

"Trump’s Comments on History: Starting Down a Stalinist Road(9/27/2020)

Voters Say Climate Change Is Not Very Important. Are They Crazy? (9/27/2020)

"Amy Coney Barrett, Good People, and Ideology" (10/3/2020)

"Like Lincoln, Biden at Gettysburg Urges Reunification," aka “Lincoln, Biden ‘Kindred Souls’ Aimed at Reunification” (10/11/2020)

“Reading Pope Francis's 'Fratelli Tutti' through Carl Sandburg” (10/25/2020), aka “History Teaches: We Are Stronger Together”

 “Nostalgia and Progress: Fake History and the 2020 Elections” (11/1/2020)

“Springsteen’s Open Letter to You: Be Well, Age Well” (11/1/2020)

Fisherman’s Friends: A Paean for Workers?” (11/4/2020)

“Why the Odds Are Good that Biden Can Reduce Our Political Polarization,”  

 aka “Biden’s Odds Good for Reducing Polarization?” (11/15/2020) 

“Brief Reflections on Steve McQueen’s Amazon Film Mangrove (11/24/2020)

"A Day to Be Thankful" (11/28/2020)

"Reflections on Hillbilly Elegy--the Book and the Film" (11/29/2020)

A Life on Our Planet Provides Great Environmental Hope”  (12/1/2020)

"Reflections on Steve McQueen's Red, White and Blue" (12/8/2020)

"The Film Clemency, Capital Punishment, Pope Francis, and Trump" (12/11//2020)

"Review of Robert Putnam’s The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again" (12/13/2020), aka, "Robert Putnam Looks at Progressive History" (12/16/2020)

Can Biden BroadenOur American Dream?” (12/20/2020) 

Netflix’s Ma Rainey, the Blues, and the Wonderfulness of Our Composite Country” (12/21/2020)

"A Rational World It’s Not" (1/8/2021)

“Lessons for Today from FDR and the Progressives?” (1/12/2021) aka, "What Can FDR and Progressives Teach Us?"

"Immigrants, Trump, Pope Francis, and Two Films"(1/17/2021)

"Initial Thoughts on President Biden’s Inaugural Address" (1/20/2021)

“Trumpism is the Rage of a Threatened Masculine Ideal. What's the Alternative?” (1/31/2021), aka "Is Trumpism the Rage of a Threatened Masculine Ideal?"

Review of George Saunders’ New Book on Russian Writers  (2/17/2021)

"Trump Was Almost Re-Elected. What Does That Say About Us?" (2/21/2021), aka “How and Why Trump Was Almost Re-Elected and What That Says About Us”

 “The Lincoln Memorial and How We Failed to Awaken National Empathy” (2/28/2021)

History and Film: Reflections on Konchalovsky’s “Dear Comrades!” (2/28/2021)

The  Film “I Care a Lot” and Reflections on Capitalism (2/28/2021)

“Death, Nostalgia, Poetry, and Transcendence”  (3/06/2021)

“I Had a Dream” (3/18/2021)

"White Terrorism: From Post-Civil-War Lynchings to the Present" (3/22/2021),

aka White Terrorism: American Lynching History”  

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Progressive Catholicism” (3/30/2021)

“Why Progressivism Should Be Our Nation's Political Philosophy” (4/9/2021)

Review: "The Third Man: Churchill, Roosevelt, Mackenzie King, and the Untold Friendships that Won WWII" (4/18/2021)

“Your Comfort Zone, Racism, Nationalism, and Intolerance” (4/24/2021)

"Russia vs. Ukraine Redux?"  (4/25/2021)

“The U. S. Needs a New Populist Progressivism” (5/14/2021)

“Historians' Perspective on Media Bias: Where it Came from, and What Can be Done?” (5/16/2021)

Cultures of Resentment among the Hitlerites and Trumpers  (5/23/2021)Podcast about essay.

“The Shame of Whites” (5/27/2021)

“Two Films Show the Historical Toll and Present Danger of Ethnic Violence (6/7/2021), aka “The Historical Toll and Present Danger of Ethnic Violence

“Springsteen as a British Teen’s Hero: Review of the Film Blinded by the Light


“What Congress Should Learn from Good Marriages” (6/28/2021)

"The Perilous State of Our Planet Won’t Go Away (7/06/2021)

“Can Sports Realize Frederick Douglass's Ideal of the Composite Nation?” (7/18/2021)

The Power of Love in 'Our Friend'(7/23/2021)

“Historians Can't Leave the Teaching of History to Politicians” (8/8/2021)

Review of Amazon’s Modern Love (Season 2) (8/21/2021)

The Courier: Why the Film’s Events Were Important to Me” (8/29/2021)

“Nationalist Nostalgia in Russian Film Mirrors Putin's Political Bending of History” (9/5/2021)

“Thurgood Marshall to the Defense” (9/6/2021)




   5. Online Materials Related to Wisdom from The Wisdom Page and (2009-2017 in Order of Appearance)


  Portraits of Modern Wisdom: An Introduction” (Word format) (or PDF) (2009)

The Wisdom of Carl and Paula Sandburg” (Word format) (or PDF)****

Carl Sandburg’s Wisdom through Humor” (Word format) (or PDF)****

The Wisdom of Andrei Sakharov” (Word format) (or PDF)

The Wisdom of E. F. Schumacher” (Word format) (or PDF)

The Wisdom of Anton Chekhov” (Word format) (or PDF)

“The Wisdom of Dorothy Day” (PDF)

Howard McClusky: A Wise and Good Man” (Word format)

Wisdom, Golf, and Obama” (Word format) (or PDF)

“Goals, Values, and Wisdom: Unsolicited Advice to Young College Students” (or PDF)

“E. F. Schumacher on Wisdom and Education” (HTML) (or PDF)

W. H. Auden’s Wisdom, Faith, and Humor” (Word format) (or PDF)

Wisdom, Humor, and Faith: A Historical View” (Word format) (or PDF)

Wisdom from Russia: The Perspectives of Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton” (Word format) (or PDF)

“Wisdom and Literature: An Introduction” (Word Format) (or PDF)

Review of Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe, Practical Wisdom

Review of  European SPES Cahier 7: Leading With Wisdom

“Reflections on Wisdom and Politics” (Word format) (or PDF)

“Barack Obama and Political Wisdom” (Word format) (or PDF)

“Love: The Greatest Wisdom Virtue” (PDF)

“Wisdom, Leisure, and Choices” (PDF)

“Wisdom Writers: Franklin, Johnson, Goethe, and Emerson” (PDF)

Guest Editorial: “The Elephant and the Blind Men: Implications for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Wisdom”

“Creative and Imaginative Wisdom: Where Is It in Today’s World?” (PDF) and (Doc)

“Wisdom, Death, and the Transcendental: Beauty, Nature, the Arts, and Love”

 “Wisdom and Humility” 

“Wisdom-Directed Empathy in Politics and Everyday Life”  

“Ethics and Wisdom: Insights from Robert Kane’s Ethics and the Quest for Wisdom

A Historian's Reflections on Tom Lombardo's Future Consciousness,” Part I: Well-Being”*****

A Historian's Reflections on Tom Lombardo's FutureConsciousness,” Part II: Virtue, Self-Control, and Technology  

A Historian's Reflections on Tom Lombardo's Future Consciousness,” Part III:A Holistic Approach to a Wise Future (10/1/2017)


From other sections, see also “Obama, McCain, Bush, Age, Experience, and Wisdom,” Wisdom in Edith Pearlman’s Binocular Vision,” and “Wisdom and War: From Homer's Trojan Horse to Spielberg's War Horse.”


 Many of my other writings, especially from the 20th century, including reviews and essays in journals like The Russian Review and Choice, can also be accessed online through university online subscription services, e.g. “Vladimir Soloviev and the Jews in Russia,” from The Russian Review (April 1970), at Other earlier publications include being a co-author of Growing Old, Pocket Books (1975); editor, Humanistic Perspectives on Aging, University of Michigan Institute of Gerontology (1976), and the essay “Why the Anxious Fear? Aging and Death in the Works of Turgenev,” in Aging and the Elderly: Humanistic Perspectives in Gerontology, ed. Stuart Spicker et al., Humanities Press (1978).

** Many of these essays first appearing on one website have been reposted on one of the other two, sometimes with a different title. When reposted from HNN to LAP or HP illustrations are usually added. A list of LAP articles can be found at essays are also available at, especially if original link is no longer operative; and some of my writings dealing with Russia or Ukraine have been reposted on Johnson’s Russia List.

*** Shorter version available on Moscow Times site.

 **** PDF versions also available at Sandburg Organization site.

***** Lombardo is editor of the Wisdom Page and his book declares that we “create a good future . . . . by developing a core set of character virtues, most notably and centrally wisdom.”