1855     Beginning of reign of Alexander II.

1856     Peace of Paris ends Crimean War.
             Coronation of the Tsar.

1857     Bakunin released from prison and exiled to Siberia.
             Tolstoy's first trip to Western Europe.
             Herzen and Ogarev begin publishing The Bell.

1858     Russia and China sign treaties of Aigun and Tientsin.
             Peter Perovsky arrives in Peking.
             Chicherin visits Herzen in London.

1859     Katkov and Chernyshevsky visit Herzen.
             Dostoevsky returns from Siberian exile.

1860     Treaty of Peking signed.

1861     Emancipation of the serfs.
             Tolstoy and Bakunin visit Herzen.
             Dmitry Milyutin becomes Minister of War.
             Tolstoy and Turgenev break off relations.

1862     Fathers and Sons published.
             Arrest of Chernyshevsky.
             Turgenev and Dostoevsky visit Herzen.

1863-1864     Polish rebellion.

1864     Zemstvo and legal reforms.

1865     Herzen moves to Geneva.

1866     Karakozov attempts to assassinate Alexander II.
             Alexander begins affair with Catherine Dolgorukova.
             Dostoevsky completes The Gambler and Crime and Punishment.

1867     Assassination attempt on Alexander II in Paris.
             Dostoevsky and Turgenev meet in Baden-Baden.

1868     Dostoevsky daughter, Sophia, dies in Geneva.

1869     Nechaev arrives in Geneva and meets Bakunin and Ogarev.
             Tolstoy completes War and Peace.

1870      Death of Herzen.

1870-71 Franco-Prussian War.

1874      Alexander II visits London.
              Thousands of young radicals "go to the people."
              Dostoevsky's first stay at Bad Ems.
              Sophia Perovskaya imprisoned for about five months.

1875      Vladimir Soloviev in Egypt.

1875-77 Tolstoy's Anna Karenina published.

1876       Death of Bakunin.

1877       Turgenev's Virgin Soil published.
               Death of Nekrasov.

1877-78  Russo-Turkish War.

1878       Dostoevsky and Vladimir Soloviev visit Optina Monastery.
               Tolstoy and Turgenev renew friendly relations.

1879       Death of Sergei Soloviev.
               The People's Will formed.

1880       Loris-Melikov named head of Supreme Administrative Commission.
               Death of Empress Maria and remarriage of Alexander II.
               Dostoevsky and Turgenev give speeches at Pushkin festivities.

1881       Death of Dostoevsky.
               Assassination of Alexander II.

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