I have not yet discovered a good set of online maps for the Russian Emipre under Alexander II, but will continue searching. In the meantime the following list should prove helpful for those interested.

1. Russian Empire in 1890 , showing regions of precious metals and with zoom features for detailed examination.

2. Western Russia (as far east as Omsk) in the early 20th century.

3. Petrograd (St. Petersburg) in 1917, indicates main buildings, etc.

4.  Siberia excluding Pacific area , a brief, clear map.

5. Europe in 1900 .

6. Index for very detailed maps, 1882, for Russia, Germany, Austria, & the Balkans, plus link to other detailed Russian Empire maps, c. 1908-1909. 

7. Various maps of the Balkans.

8. Index for detailed CIA maps of Russia and all the other former republics of the USSR.

9. Crimea and Crimean War maps.

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