1. An Emperor's Funeral [1855]

2. A Lieutenant in the Crimea [Tolstoy]

3. The Tsar Visits Moscow

4. A Moscow Professor [Sergei Soloviev]

5. Tolstoy in the Capital

6. The Tsar, the Serfs, and the Coronation

7. A Soldier in Exile [Dostoevsky]

8. Michael Bakunin

9. The Muravievs and Perovskys [in Siberia and China]

10. Two Noblemen [Tolstoy and Turgenev]

11. Herzen and The Bell

12. Two Visitors to London [Tolstoy and Bakunin]

13. Two More Visitors, 1862 [Turgenev and Dostoevsky]


14. A Fateful Year [1866: An assassination attempt and the Tsar's "affair"]

15. Nekrasov and Muraviev the Hangman

16. The Perovskys and Herzen in Geneva

17. Anna [Dostoevsky and his second wife, 18666-67]

18. The Professor and his Family [the Solovievs]

19. A Marriage and a Masterpiece [Tolstoy and War and Peace]

20. A Shot in Paris [another assassination attempt on the Tsar]

21. Baden-Baden [Turgenev and Dostoevsky quarrel]

22. The Dostoevskys in Geneva [Bakunin and Ogarev also there]

23. Nechaev, Bakunin, and the Last Days of Herzen


24. The Tsar Visits London [and Queen Victoria, 1874]

25. Dostoevsky in Bad Ems

26. Sophia Perovskaya, Radicalism, and the Russian People (Narod)

27. A Mystic in the Desert [Vladimir Soloviev in Egypt]

28. The Tsar at the Front [Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78]

29. The Death of Nekrasov

30. A Visit to a Monastery [Dostoevsky and Vladimir Soloviev]

31. Tolstoy Apologizes [to Turgenev, who comes to visit Tolstoy]

32. "Prophet, Prophet" [Dostoevsky: Pushkin Speech and death]

33. A Death and a Marriage [Empress Maria dies and Tsar remarries]

34. Two Conspirators [Sophia Perovskaya and Andrei Zhelyabov]

35. Bombs and Blood [assassination of Tsar, 1881]

36. The Trial [of Perovskaya and others]

37. Two Appeals [by Tolstoy and V. Soloviev for clemency for assassins]

38. A Spectacle on Semenovsky Square [hanging of 5 assassins]


*The material in brackets is provided to more clearly indicate the subject of each chapter.

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